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About Neuschwanstein Castle and tickets booking

TOP 4 tours and tickets from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle skip-the-line ticket

This one features the privilege of immediately proceeding inside. Please organize transportation from your place of residence and back yourself.

  • The excursion commences at 9 a.m.
  • The audio guide is translated into 14 languages, including English
  • You will spend 3 hours inside
  • Bookings are accepted for a minimum of 2 people
  • Infants are accepted if they sit on their parents’ lap

from €35.00

Skip the line


All taxes, fees and handling charges

COVID-19 precautions

Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich

One would spend 2 hours on a train, then have unsupervised time in Hohenschwangau, then visit the castle, proceed to Schwangau and afterwards, to the spot of departure.

  • The excursion takes 9.5 hours in total
  • Sometimes, a private coach is offered instead of the train
  • One would skip the queue
  • The guides speak English and Spanish
  • To get inside, one needs an extra ticket for €15 (this offer is valid for people aged 18 or older)
  • For a 100% refund, one needs to cancel their trip 24 hours in advance

from €55

Skip the line

9.5 hours

Mobile ticket

Instant confirmation

Transfer from Munich to Füssen and back

Live tour guide: English, Spanish

COVID-19 precautions

Free cancellation

Day trip to Neuschwanstein & Linderhof Castles from Munich

It takes 90 minutes to reach the destination on a luxury bus. Indulge in shopping, take pictures in Oberammergau, eat lunch and enjoy leisure time in Schwangau. Finally, you would be taken on a guided tour of Neuschwanstein Castle.

  • This trip lasts 10.5 hours in total
  • One would skip the queue
  • One can resort to mobile ticketing or print their voucher
  • Live guides speak English and Spanish, audio guides are available in 9 languages
  • Entry tickets are not included in the price but the guide can sell them to you (€6 per child, €27 per adult)
  • For a full refund, one needs to cancel their trip 24 hours in advance

from €57

Skip the line


Bus with guide: English, German

10.5 hours

Instant confirmation

Mobile ticket

COVID-19 precautions

Free cancellation

Visit the castles Neuschwanstein & Linderhof

Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle tour: Groups of 4 or More

The group will visit the Neuschwanstein castle and an old church. They will taste sausages and cheese at a farm. The guide will pick them up from the hotel and bring back there.

  • The total duration is 9 hours
  • One can print their voucher or use mobile ticketing
  • Live tour guides speak only English
  • Be ready to pay from €5 to €7 for lunch
  • For entry tickets, grown-ups pay €13. Students have a €1 discount, kids younger than 17 years enter at no charge.

from €75

Skip the line

9 hours

COVID-19 precautions

Mobile ticket

Free cancellation

Live tour guide: English

Hotel pick-up and drop-off

Tourist information


Neuschwansteinstraße 20, 87645 Schwangau, Germany

Opening hours:

Tickets on sale at the Ticketcenter
April to 15 October: 8 am-4 pm
16 October to March: 9 am-3 pm

Opening hours of Neuschwanstein Castle
April to 15 October: 9 am-6 pm
16 October to March: 10 am-4 pm

How to get:

Opt either for public or private transportation. Those who prefer the former, stick to this scheme:

  • Reach Füssen by train
  • From Füssen, ride the autobus to Neuschwanstein
  • Your stop is called «Hohenschwangau Neuschwanstein Castles, Schwangau»

Those with their own vehicles should take the A7 motorway and select between these two options:

  • Reach Kempten. Turn to B12 to Marktoberdorf. Afterwards, take B16 to Roßhaupten and later B17 to Schwangau.
  • Proceed till the end of the A7 road. Take B17 from Füssen to Schwangau and find the Hohenschwangau direction.

Mind that all the parking is private.

How to from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle.

How to get from the ticket point
  • One can select between four options:
    • Walking
    • Cycling
    • Shuttle bus
    • Horse-driven carriage

    Those who opt for walking should wear sneakers since the 1.5 km road is rather steep.

    Cyclists are not invited to the main road unless they obtain an official permit from the administration. Instead, please resort to a path that spurs off the main one.

    Shuttle buses and horse-driven carriages operate all year round. However, the former stop operating if the road becomes too slippery. One should purchase the tickets from the driver immediately before departure, it is not possible to book a seat in advance. The vehicle departs as soon as there are enough passengers inside.

    Below are the prices for the carriage:

    • €7 uphill
    • €3.50 downhill

    Below are the prices for the shuttle bus:

    • €2.50 uphill
    • €1.50 downhill

    Unfortunately, neither of them can reach the entrance. In both cases, one would walk for approximately 15 minutes: uphill after the carriage and downhill after the bus. Both means of transportation are operated by autonomous entities and not by the Bavarian Palace Administration.

Basic principles to remember:
  • The normal duration of an excursion is half an hour
  • One can not enter the landmark on their own but strictly in the company of a guide
  • Children can enter only if accompanied by adults
  • Only one individual who uses a walker or a wheelchair is allowed in every hour

One should arrive punctually, adding several minutes for a safety inspection. Those who are late might need to cancel the excursion and turn back home.

Visiting rules:
  • All the luggage must be left outside, except for small bags. If you have a baby with you, be ready to carry them in your arms.
  • Using a camera inside the historical edifice goes against the rules. Those who want to make beautiful panoramic shots and videos should do it outside.
  • Due to COVID-19, all the guests wear masks and fill in a special form. Handshakes are prohibited. Any objects that one can touch are frequently and thoroughly sanitized. Individuals maintain a 1.5 m distance from each other.
The best time for a visit:

Predictably, weekends and holidays are much busier than weekdays all year round. In July and August, one might need to wait for approximately 3 hours in the queue at the entrance. One should either book their Neuschwanstein castle tickets online in advance or purchase them at the entrance in the early morning. From mid-March to mid-October the ticket center operates from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The last tour Neuschwanstein Castle finishes at 6 p.m.

To avoid crowds, consider planning your tour in May or September. The weather would still be warm and sunny, so one would be able to take colorful pictures.

Is It possible to organize a tour in winter:

From mid-October to mid-March the ticket point operates from 8.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The last tour finishes at 4 p.m. There are no crowds, so it is possible to buy tickets on the spot at midday or later.

In the colder months, one would need to put up with the lack of:

  • Shuttle buses, if the road is covered with snow and ice. Horse-driven carriages should still be available though.
  • Access to Marienbrücke. Since the bridge becomes too slippery and dangerous, one would not be able to take picturesque panoramic photos from it.

Normally, it would be snowy in January, February and March. The sun would be shining over the castle only in the early morning, at approximately 10 a.m., and in the afternoon, after around 2.30 pm.

The glorious history of Neuschwanstein

In 1864, Ludwig II became the monarch of Bavaria. Three years later, he started to rebuild the old Schwanstein castle to recreate the original traditions of the German architecture. Since his early childhood, the king fell in love with the romantic landscapes of this region.

But he also had pragmatic reasons to construct this grand edifice. He lost a war against Prussia and was not allowed to command his own army. Ludwig II desperately wanted to accentuate his royal power and this is why he meticulously curated every single aspect of the building process.

He moved in here in 1884 and passed away before the construction was accomplished. This building perfectly reflects the monarch’s idealization of the Medieval epoch and his striving for the sublime greatness.


This historical landmark is undergoing restoration that is planned to last till 2023. Nonetheless, one would visit all the rooms. But be ready to put up with scaffolding in certain premises or other objects that do not belong to the permanent exposition.

For disabled visitors

Disabled individuals are welcomed. For safety reasons, only one individual who uses a walker or a wheelchair is allowed in every hour. If a disabled guest needs a helper, this person can enter without a ticket. The guest should get in touch with the administration in advance so that they could plan the corresponding amenities. If needed, one can resort to the assistance of the regional Red Cross.

Castle in Germany that inspired Disney

When Walt Disney conceived his world-famous amusement park in California, he «made a pilgrimage» to the Schloss Neuschwanstein (this is how the Germans call this building). So the Sleeping Beauty castle that all the kids dream to attend was modeled after Ludwig II’s architectural masterpiece. No wonder children love this excursion so much — they visit a true Princess palace! Moreover, Disney cited this building in his «Cinderella» movie, released in 1950.

Neuschwanstein castle floor plan

If one turns to the West, one would see the marble portals that lead to the Throne room. On the opposite side, there would be the royal apartments. The walls are ornate with illustrations of the Sigurd saga. It is a part of «Edda» — the old Norse collections of sayings, songs and sagas. However, there is an analog to Sigurd in German mythology too — his name is Siegfried and he is a character of the Middle High German Nibelungenlied.

Types of tickets

Annual ticket

One can purchase an annual ticket for €45 per individual or €75 per couple. A couple might take their kids for free with them if they have not yet come of age. This ticket allows the guests to visit the castle on any day except for the dates of special events. Similarly, one can opt for a 14-day ticket. It costs €56 for a couple and €30 per individual.

Combination ticket

The Combination ticket is valid for the three palaces that belonged to the same monarch: Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein. One can purchase it at any of these palaces as well as online, it costs just €26. Again, one would visit the palaces on any day, except for special events.

Skip-the-line ticket

The price of the Skip the Queue ticket starts at €43.62. In winter, one might do without it but in summer, on holidays or on weekends, it comes in very handy. It is not possible to use this ticket alone, the group must comprise at least 2 people. The transportation is not included in the price.

Ticket with transfer

The price of the ticket with transfer starts with €56, the tour lasts 9.5 hours in total. To get inside the palace, you would need to pay €6 per child and €27 per adult. This type of tour allows mobile ticketing.

Comparing the best Neuschwanstein castle ticket options

Neuschwanstein Castle Skip-the-line Ticket

Neuschwanstein Castle Day Trip from Munich

Neuschwanstein Tour from Munich: Groups of 4 or More

Price: from €35.00 from €55 from €75
Duration: 3 hours 9.5 hours 9 hours
Live tour guide: no yes yes
Language: Audioguide: English and 14 more English, Spanish English
Transfer: no yes yes

Tips on choosing and acquiring tickets

To see multiple German castles

Opt for the combination ticket. In addition to Neuschwanstein, it would allow you to visit Herrenchiemsee and Linderhof. It remains valid for 6 months. Feel free to select any day to visit any of these landmarks, except for the dates of special events. One can acquire the combination ticket either online or at the entrance of any of the three castles. It costs just €26, which is a bargain.

To admire the ambiance of the Medieval castles in Germany

After you visit Neuschwanstein in the tender months of Spring, you would hardly recognize it in colder weather, and vice versa. The price for the single annual ticket is just €45, which equals the price of 3.5 standard tickets. For couples, such a ticket would cost €75. Similarly, one can buy a 14-day ticket. It costs €56 for a couple and €30 per individual.

To skip the queue

The price of the ticket starts at €43.62 but the surcharge is worth it. In summer, the visitor might need to spend up to 3 hours in the queue. Plus, the tickets would be sold out in the morning — so if you arrive at midday or later, you would have no chance to enter. In winter, this problem is not relevant. But in July or August, on weekends or holidays, such a ticket would be a life-saver.

To travel with children

If you travel together with your family, you might want your transportation to be as comfortable as possible. Starting with €56, a train or a private coach would take you from Munich to Füssen. One might think 9.5 hours of sightseeing would be too tiresome for kids — but you would not enter the castle, so you would have enough time to take photos and enjoy yourselves.

Extra sightseeing and leisure alternatives

Museum der Bayerischen Könige (Hohenschwangau)

Opened in 2011, this museum is focused on the life of the Bavarian monarchs: Ludwig II and his father Maximilian II. One would see how they lived and what surrounded them. Tours are not guided: one receives an audio guide and can spend an unlimited time inside. Grown-ups pay €13 to enter, guests younger than 18 years old are allowed in at no cost.

Augustiner-Chorherrenstift (Altes Schloss in Herrenchiemsee)

This cloister now features a modern museum and a picture gallery. Those buildings that have preserved their sacred status are not accessible for tourists. The museum operates all year round, the price of a standard ticket is €5.

Alpsee boathouse (Neuschwanstein lake at Hohenschwangau)

For €10, one can rent a boat for half an hour and admire the monarch’s castle. The landscapes are breathtaking. One can choose among pedal boats with 4 seats or rowing ones for 3-6 persons. The boats are available only in the warmer months and it is not possible to book them in advance.

The thermal baths «Königliche Kristall-Therme» (Schwangau)

In this 14,000m² thermal park, there are saunas, loungers, steam baths, restaurants and other similar amenities. It operates all year round and offers profound relaxation. The price of the ticket might vary from €2 to €27, depending on the age of the guest and the duration of their stay.

Tegelbergbahn (Schwangau)

Here, one can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and winter hiking — not exclusively in the colder months but all year round. An adult would need to pay €15 for a one-way trip and €23 for ups and downs. For a kid, the price would be €6 and €10, respectively.

Other castles near Munich


It was built at least by the 12th century but maybe even earlier. For approximately 400 hundred years the castle belonged to the knights of Schwangau. Then, it turned into ruins as a result of multiple wars. In 1832, Ludwig II’s father purchased the building and carefully restored it. It became the royal residency for the warmer months, the monarchs would come here to hunt. Each summer, Ludwig II would spend here a couple of weeks.

  • Live guides speak English and German
  • Audio excursions are translated into 12 languages
  • Be ready to walk up 90 steps without an elevator

Сhildren under 7 years of age enter for free, all the others pay €18.


It is the sole palace that its owner managed to build from scratch till finish during his life. Previously, his father’s hunting house was located here. The palace counts 11 sumptuous rooms and is surrounded by a picturesque park. Initially, the monarch strived to model the garden landscape after Versailles — but the space was too limited, so he had to creatively re-interpret the French masterpiece. The ruler was fond of Oriental culture — that is why one can also visit a Moroccan House here.

The price of the ticket might vary from €2 to €8,5. To get here, one needs to drive to Ettal in the Graswang Valley.


It takes approximately 60 minutes to get to Herreninsel from Munich. First, you ride a train and then take a boat since the historical building is located on an island. To get inside, be ready to pay from €4 to €9.

This edifice was modeled after Versailles but unfortunately was never accomplished since the monarch passed away too early. Among all the palaces that he constructed this one turned out to be the costliest.

Here, one can admire the tremendous halls and wander around a vast park. This German interpretation of the French chic produces an unparalleled impression on visitors.

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